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Prescription Stimulant Medication Abuse

stimulant abuse

Stimulants are usually psychoactive substances that are used to cause heightened energy and enhanced alertness by amplifying the activity of certain areas of the brain. This sort of drugs may include both legal and illegal medicines such as Ritalin or Aderall or even methamphetamines. In this case, Ritalin and Aderall are legal and prescription drugs whereas meth is a highly dangerous and illegal street drug. Stimulant drugs are widely abused all over the world where even teens from aged 12 are recorded in using them. Nearly 12 million of teens are suffering from stimulant medication abuse from a report taken in 2014. These stimulant abuses can be done in various ways starting from, smoking, snorting, inhaling, eating or even injecting. The intensity and the risks are dependent on the dosage and the regularity and there is always the chance of the victim being addicted to it. You can learn about stimulant withdrawal at

Smoking and injecting such drugs seem to have rapid and further affectivity compared to other methods of uses. The desirable sensations and the results are always intense as the drug goes into the blood stream fairly easily and increases the intensity of the effects.

Every different stimulant has different sort of outcomes and effects with different intensity and process. But commonly all stimulants have similar consequences and messes with the brain function in similar fashion. Notable results of hyper stimulation done through such stimulants are,

  • Euphoric feelings: Where the user feels a sensation of pleasure and happiness and it lasts temporarily with a heavy and immense effect.
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate: The body reacts heavily to such stimulants and the blood flow increases putting the body in a very nervous and hyper active state.

stimulant pillThese all depends on the level of dosage. The higher the dosage, the effects will be amplified in that ratio. It can even reach to the stage of overdose where the heart ceases to pump blood and stops eventually resulting in death. Also asphyxiation, stroke, seizures and heart attacks can also happen.

Abusing of stimulants has both long and short term effects. The physical effects might show,

  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Cardiovascular degradation
  • High blood pressure
  • Infertility
  • Impotence
  • Stroke
  • Seizure
  • Nausea etc.

The psychological effects might be depression, anxiety, mania, delusion, hallucination and even suicidal tendencies.

People have this idea that using stimulants make them smarter, enhances their knowledge, energy and enthusiasm. Even though it works at some extent, it brings so much destruction on the other end. It takes the life out of the victims once they get addicted and used to the drug. All stimulants directly work on the pleasure centre of the brain and thus affect the dopamine neuro transmitters. When these drugs are taken out of control or abused, the brain is imbalanced as dopamine release and its frequency shifts drastically.

The only way to stop misuse of these stimulants are public awareness and strict laws on prescribing medicines and cracking down on the culprits behind distribution of these.

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