August 26, 2017
Learning to Do Sphinx Pose

How to Do Sphinx Pose

Learn About Sphinx Pose What is Sphinx Pose? Sphinx pose, or salamba bhujangasana, is a beginner-level backbend. A perfect introductory yoga pose to learn about backbends, […]
August 16, 2017
Yoga and Marijuana

Doing Yoga High: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Marijuana is of course not inherently associated with yoga practice. However, many people who practice yoga also partake in recreational marijuana use. There are tons of […]
August 11, 2017
mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness of the Body

Mindfulness is a hot buzz word these days. Whether or not you’ve ever meditated, it’s likely that you’ve heard the word. It’s a powerful practice that […]
July 25, 2017
Yoga for Mental Health

Yoga’s Relationship with Mental Health

Yoga, a set of practices thousands of years old, is growing in popularity. What once was a fringe movement has become quite mainstream. Part of the […]