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Partner Yoga
November 3, 2016
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Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Whether you’ve noticed lately that you’re not as flexible as you once were, or you’ve done a little research and discovered that yoga can help you to recover quicker and more sustainably from various injuries, if you’re looking to improve your overall physical health, yoga may be the perfect form of exercise. There are studies recently that show that besides a boost in energy, yoga will actually help to improve your metabolism and keep it balanced, rather than the dips and spikes that diet and age can attribute to. There are numerous reasons to begin a yoga practice, but many times there’s a negative voice that convinces us why we shouldn’t participate in something beneficial.

Beginner's Yoga

I’m Out Of Shape

You’ve probably seen the photos of the extremely fit instructor doing a freestanding headstand, or the impossibly fit women (and men) wearing yoga pants that fit beyond perfectly. To many, this can be discouraging or even depressing. What you’re seeing is a sustained result from a regular yoga practice. In the beginning, most students aren’t nearly as flexible as students who have been attending classes regularly or have a daily practice. Much like meditation, the longer you keep at it, the more comfortable you feel settling within your routine, or in this case your body. Beginner courses offer the fundamentals of yoga in a safe, judgement free setting, so that you can learn the basics of stretching and improve your bodily function with the hopes that one day you will be the person in the picture doing the headstand! Yoga, as well as any form of exercise encourages and promotes well-being, so the more you attend your sessions, the more mindful you’ll become about what you eat. How you treat your body generates a mindfulness towards what you put into your body, as the two go hand in hand. With a couple of months of dedication, it’s nearly impossible not to notice results both physically and aesthetically. Especially if you’re working with a trained coach, you will find you reap benefits pretty quickly.

Time Is Of The Essence

It’s hard to make time for yourself in the modern world; with everything constantly evolving in the direction of process improvement through technological advances, we live in a society that thrives on time efficiency. When you think about the overall improvements from a spiritual and physical practice such as yoga or even meditation, it saves time in the long run by managing stress and helping to keep physically and emotionally healthy. This in turn avoids an extra trip or two to the doctor’s office every year. Much like learning an instrument or a new language, yoga takes a small amount of dedication and commitment in order to grow into your body and adjust into the poses like sphinx pose. If you can commit to at least one full class a week, you’re guaranteed to notice an improvement. Many people talk about yoga in the same manner as they do the gym. That in the beginning, it takes a bit of discipline and force to want to go, but eventually it becomes a part of their routine that they look forward to or even begin to feel off if they miss.

Beginner's Yoga Santa RosaFamiliar

Sometimes the unfamiliar can be more intimidating than the act itself. Allowing yourself the opportunity to feel out of place or to be new at something is a stepping stone for growth and change. After a while, your practice will have improved and you may even finding yourself reaching out to the new person in the class, offering them a few words of encouragement or even making a new friend. The benefits of yoga or anything that allows an opportunity for self improvement can be life changing. It may bring about harmony to your life when you may have looked down every other avenue to find it and come up short. Everybody is a beginner at some point of their journey, the hope is to see you grow into a regular practitioner.

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